How to transfer from Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to Dumaguete.

There are four terminals at Ninoy International Airport. When arriving, the airline will arrive at a different terminal. It is sorted as follows. (Since there are rare changes, please confirm the terminal number stated in the air ticket for the final confirmation.) * Customers who want to avoid transit are advised to purchase the flight to arrive at Terminal 3.

  • Terminal 1 (International flights only) Japan Airlines, Jetstar, and many others
  • Terminal 2 (international, domestic) Philippine Airlines
  • Terminal 3 (international and domestic routes) Cebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific, many others
  • Terminal 4 (for domestic flights only) Sebogo, Air Asia
  • A free shuttle bus is available from each terminal. Please proceed according to the sign of Terminal Transfer.

As you get outside of Terminal 1, walk to the right until you find the information board about the schedule departure time of free transfer bus. (See picture number 2).

There is a sign board and just wait for the bus in the waiting area. There is a possibility that someone will ask you about your name and the flight number.

After arriving at Terminal 3, go to the reception of domestic flights on the third floor.

Check the flight schedule.

After checking the boarding time and destination, go to the designated gate. (Usually, the gate will be opened 2 hours before boarding)

Go to Domestic Entrance.

Your luggage will be checked. (Personal computer, cellphone will be put on a tray).

Go to the gate number that is listed on your boarding pass.

When you reach the gate, compare your boarding pass with the information posted on the information board. Sometimes, there are differences between your boarding pass and the information posted.

Ask someone to assist you to which way are you going to go based on what is listed on your boarding pass.

If there is a difference between the gate assistant and the boarding pass, ask the gate clerk. Pass the boarding pass to the clerk and ask "Am I on the right gate?" If you do not know what you are saying, ask YES and NO? If YES, wait for boarding on the spot. If it is NO, I will head to the gate said to the staff. It is said that there is guidance. If you are not confident in English please copy the following English sentence and show it to your staff with your boarding pass.

I don’t understand any English so, please take me up to the right gate to go to Dumaguete. Thank you Sincerely.

You will leave the Dumaguete airport exit and it will be the meeting place.

In front of the Exit door is the waiting area. So, our staff will pick you up there





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ex,it seems that the winter season has set it.