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Aspire Learn English Institute offers a wide range of courses for everyone’s needs. We take pride in having our own unique curriculum that is based on numerous surveys on students learning English. We offer our courses (for beginners to advanced students) that is tailor made for students who want to learn English as their second language.
The Curriculum was tailor made to fit adult and kid students. It is done by experienced ESL teachers and is very thorough and focuses on the students learning the basics. Our lessons are done one on one, with very professional teachers with neutral accents. The curriculum has 3 types: General English, Business English and Kid’s Curriculum. For general English, after the entrance exam, the student will be given a recommendation as to what level of class he/she should study. We have 6 levels and they are the following:

Step Up

Important basic elements in English learning are “grammar” “vocabulary” “pronunciation”. There are other “English processing abilities”, “English composition ability”, etc. However, it is efficient to compensate after preparing the foundation.


Based on the opinion from the teacher, we will analyze the results of the test and the results of each class and we will focus on the areas that the student is not good at or needs improvement.


According to the famous German psychologist Evinghaus’ s obligation curve, it is said that people forget about 56% of things remembered one hour ago. Then, what I remember is spoiled. Therefore, we will repeat to stop this oblivion.

Native language prohibition system

It is based on English Only Policy (strict observance during class). Even in everyday use of English is selected.


We have a special grammar curriculum especially tailored to meet the specific needs of students. This subject is designed to help the learners on how to construct good sentences following the rules of grammar. This will also help the student’s knowledge on syntax.

Sentence Construction

We have a class that focuses on sentence building. This is very crucial for any student, as most people has a very wide vocabulary and grammar knowledge but doesn’t know how to use them in a sentence. Sentence construction is very important in conversational English. It is open to all.

Pronunciation and speech

The pronunciation class focuses on speaking and how to say words correctly. We have teachers with neutral accents for the beginners and teachers with American accents for intermediate. It is open to all.

Reading Comprehension

This class is more on reading and understanding the text or articles. It focuses on comprehension and trains a student to read between the lines and understand any written English text appropriately. It is open to all.


Listening is very important in conversations. It will determine how a person answers and understand the general conversation he/she is having. This class will ensure that a student will be better prepared in any given situation by practicing their listening skills in English.


This is a class that will increase student’s cache of English words. They will learn new words in context and will therefore remember it more in certain situations.

Real English

Real English is a class designed to help students practice their conversational skills in given situations. We believe that practice and repetition will help students remember words and will help them when they are in similar situations outside the school.

Group Class

This is a class that will mix different kinds of students. This will encourage them to interact with other people in English. It is where they can practice to each other their English skills. There will be fun English activities that students will do every day.

Aspire Learn English Institute offers a Business English Curriculum for those adult learners who wanted to learn more about the business world. The curriculum helps the learners to learn business ideas that they can apply in their day to day activities. We teach learners the things that they really need that will allow them to excel in any business environment. If you want to learn more knowledge about the business world, come and enjoy the Business English Course offered in Aspire. The Business English curriculum has 5 classes. They are all offered to all kinds or levels of adult students.

Business Vocabulary

We offer vocabulary class for Business English that will help the adult learners to learn new words a day relating to business. The class seeks to improve and supplement the vocabulary of each student. This helps a lot in business conversation.

Business Listening

Listening plays a significant role in business conversation. This subject allows the student to practice his/her listening skills and how to interact with the person he/she is talking to. This class helps the students to develop the listening skills of the learners as well as his/her communication skills.

Business Reading

Reading with comprehension is very important for a student to understand the given text. This class focuses on reading comprehension that gives ability of the students to read the given text, process it, and understand its meaning thoroughly.

Business Writing

Writing is part of the business world. In this subject, students are given opportunities to write a professional communication. The class allows the learners to develop their writing skills on how to communicate the business world professionally. This subject focus on writing business letters.

Business Conversation

Real English conversation is considered as very important nowadays. In this class, students are given the chance to practice conversation in different business situations that will help them gain insights when they are in the actual field. Practice and repetition will help the learners remember the words need in the situation. This subject will really help the students gain more knowledge about conversation in different settings.

Aspire Learn English Institute also offers kid’s curriculum to meet every kid’s needs. We teach kids in their own version of learning and we offer courses that will really cater the needs of each student. The kid’s curriculum has 3 classes. They are all offered to all kinds or levels of students.


We offer vocabulary class for kids that will help them improve their English vocabulary. This class will help the learners gain in learning different English words every day that they can use in their day to day conversation. They will learn new words in context and will therefore remember it more in certain situations.


The pronunciation class focuses on speaking and how to say words correctly. We have teachers who know different paces for all types or levels of learners. This class will help the learners to acquire and learn the correct way of pronouncing the words and practice what they’ve learned in every day’s conversation.


Language class is designed to help the learners to learn common expressions that are very significant in talking with people in different situations. We believe that practice and repetition will help students remember words and will help them when they are in similar situations outside the school.


Example: 8 Hours Course

7: 00 AM to 7:50 AM
8:00 AM to 8:50 AM
Speaking Class
9:00 AM to 9:50 AM
Grammar Class
10:00 AM to 10:50 AM
Reading Class
11:00 AM to 11:50 AM
Vocabulary Class
11: 45 AM to 12: 45 PM
Lunch Time
13:00 PM to 13:50 PM
Sentence Construction Class
14:00 PM to 14:50 PM
Listening Class
15:00 PM to 15:50 PM
Writing Class
16:00 PM to 16:50 PM
Group Class
17: 30 PM to 18: 30 PM
Dinner Time

* The last lesson will be a group lesson.
*The above is an example.





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意味 が好きになる、に熱中する

ex, Michael took to each other.

動詞 circulate
意味 〈血液・液体・気体が〉 «…を» 循環する
ex,Air clearer can circulate clean air in this room.

熟語 set in
ex,it seems that the winter season has set it.