Dumaguete City became a place of interest as it is popularly known as a University town, which makes it an ideal place to start. It has a young pool of professionals with great potentials untapped. Dumaguete City is located in the center of the Philippines. It is called as the “City of Gentle People” and “City of Motorcycles.”  It was featured as 5th in the FORBES Magazine as one of the “Top Seven Best Places in the World to Retire.” It is also considered as a home to many ex-pats, foreign students and of course resorts. It also boasts of various tourist spots that are considered as world class. There are lots of tourists who pay a visit to the city every year. The whole island is surrounded by different beautiful sceneries that each tourist can really capture the beauty of nature. If you are fond of visiting scenic views, you can find it in Dumaguete and other neighboring towns. The city will not only provide you the beauty of nature but also other things that will help you enjoy and add colors to your stay. If you are into night life, festivals, theaters, sporting events and etc. you can also find it in city.There are also Korean restaurants, Italian restaurants, Japanese restaurant, cafes, gyms, convenience stores, massage shops, prestigious private university hospitals, etc. around the city. There is also a cinema and a large shopping mall (Robinson) in a place about 10 minutes by a tricycle. Prices are cheaper compared to Manila, Cebu and other cities in the Philippines.  The minimum fare for tricycle (local mode of transportation) is 8 pesos. You can really build and create new memories while staying in a city that provides you amenities and conveniences. So, come and study at Aspire learn English Institute while enjoying the beautiful sceneries surrounding the island.

The Environment

Beautiful places in Dumaguete

Tierra Alta

Valencia, Negros Oriental

Amid the lush vegetation lies a mystical beauty that nestles on the slopes of Palinpinon in Valencia, Negros Oriental. It is a beauty engulfed with breath-taking sights, a beauty with valuable work of art and a beauty surrounded by magnificent architectural edifices designed with perfection.It combines the best of resort atmosphere with peace and serenity of the mountainside. This is what Tierra Alta Residential Resort is all about.

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park

San Jose, Negros Oriental

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park is a natural park in the Philippines surrounding Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao in the province of Negros Oriental, 14.5 kilometres (9.0 mi) west of Dumaguete. It covers an area of 8,016.05 hectares (19,808.1 acres), with heights ranging from 830 to 846 metres (2,723 to 2,776 ft). The park is located in the Mount Talinis range, also known as Cuernos de Negros, in the southern portion of Negros Island, and spans across the municipalities of Valencia, Sibulan and San Jose. It was declared a protected area in 2000.

Casaroro Falls

Taft St, Valencia, Negros Oriental

A steep, long staircase leads to this scenic waterfall site, popular for swimming & picnicking.

Oslob Whale Shark Watching

Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Oslob, 6023 Cebu

Locally know as “tuki” or “butanding”. The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the largest fish in the world; with its vast size it resembles the whales from which its common name is derived. The head is flattened and the wide mouth, positioned at the tip of the snout, stretches almost as wide as the body. The dorsal fin is particularly large and the tail has a half-moon shape. The patterning of the body is very distinctive with its dark greyish-blue colour on the back and sides, and array of pale yellow blotches; the under surface is pale. Stout ridges travel the length of the body, ending at the tail shaft. Five massive gill slits occur on the side of the head and within these there is a sieve like structure of cartilage. Curiously, the mouth contains around 300 tiny teeth although the function of these is unknown.

Baslay Hot Spring

Brgy Baslay, Dauin, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

For adventure seekers, Baslay Hot Springs is a preferred destination in Brgy. Baslay, Dauin, Negros Oriental. Not just for any ordinary tourists because the location is not a simple walk-from the park. You must be ready for rough roads and steep steps to reach the Baslay Hot Springs.

Cambugahay Falls

Siquijor Circumferential Rd, Lazi, Siquijor

3-tiered waterfall & a swimming hole with clear waters, reachable by a short hike with stairs.

The Filipino Japanese Amity Memorial Shrine

Valencia, Negros Oriental

Perched high atop the hilly ranges of Valencia is the historical monument called the Filipino – American – Japanese Amity Shrine(Fil-Am Japanese Shrine). It stands on a sacred battle ground where an encounter during the World War II actually took place. It was built to remember the many lives taken by the vicious war. It was also to provide closure to a sad era and to mark the beginning of peace and friendship between the three countries.

U Story Beach Resort


Discover Siquijor, the island of sorcerers, and live the rhythm of the Philippines. Facing the sea, in the heart of protected nature, U.Story welcomes you in a venue that combines serenity, pleasure, and authenticity.

Mabinay Crystal Cave

Bulwang Mabinay, Negros Oriental

Mabinay town is considered the Cave Capital of the Philippines mainly because of the estimated 400 plus caves located inside its area. Of these about 100 is known, while 50 has been explored. Majority of these caves could only be explored by experienced spelunkers. There’s some seven caves though that could be visited by the average tourist. One of the most accessible because of its proximity to the road is the Crystal Cave in Brgy. Bulwang.

Apo Island

Dauin, Negros Oriental

Apo Island is located off the southeastern tip of Negros Island, 7 kilometers from the town of Zamboanguita, and 25 kilometers south of the Negros Oriental capital Dumaguete. Extending approximately 1.5 km (0.9 mi) from north to south and 1 km (0.6 mi) from east to west, the island has a land area of approximately 74 hectares and rises to a height of 120 meters (390 feet) above sea level at its highest point. It can be reached by a 30-minute motorized boat ride from the village of Malatapay, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental.

Silliman University

1 Hibbard Ave, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental

Silliman University (also referred to as Silliman or SU) is a private research university in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines.Established in 1901 as Silliman Institute by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, it is the first American university in the Philippines and the entire Asian continent. The university is named after Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman, a retired businessman and philanthropist from Cohoes, New York who gave the initial sum of $10,000 to start the school. Starting as an elementary school for boys, the school expanded to become a college in 1910, acquiring university status in 1938. For the first half of the 20th century, Silliman was run and operated by Americans. After the Second World War Filipinos began to assume more administrative positions, culminating in the appointment of Silliman's first Filipino president in 1952.

Puncak Tanawan

Sibulan, Negros Oriental

Lately, Puncak Tanawan is getting attention to adventure seekers. It is said to be the highest peak in Sibulan, Negros Oriental and is located in Brgy. Balugo. It is approximately 3.3 kilometers from the entrance. Before reaching the peak, you will pass by the La Presa area where you can take a rest for a while and enjoy the scenic view, greeneries and fresh air.

Balanan Lake

Siaton, Negros Oriental

Lake Balanan is a lake situated in Siaton, Negros Oriental in the Philippines. It is a freshwater lake in the forested mountains of the southern portion of the island of Negros, with a shape resembling a figure of eight, the narrowest point between the two main portions of the lake being only 90 metres (300 ft) wide. The lake is surrounded by mountain ranges, and is fed by three tributaries, all located in the northern end. These are the Lamarao Creek at the northeastern corner with two waterfalls, the Balanan Creek at the middle of the northern end with another waterfall, and the Nasig-id Creek at the northwestern end.

Pulangbato Falls Valencia

Valencia, Negros Oriental

Pulangbato Falls is located in the Ocoy Valley in the town of Valencia Negros Oriental. It is aptly named so because of the waterfall’s seemingly red river water which is caused by the presence of natural reddish rocks found in the area. Pula is the native word for red while bato, for rock. Thus, if interpreted, the name would be red rock.

Sumilon Island

Oslob, Cebu

The Island of Sumilon is located at the southeastern tip of the Municipality of Oslob in the province of Cebu. The island has an area of 24 hectares and has.

Kawasan Falls

Badian, 6031 Cebu

Trio of picturesque waterfalls into natural swimming pools & lagoons, accessible via jungle trails

Manjuyod Sandbar

Bais Brg, Bais City, Negros Oriental 6206, Philippines

This pristine 7 kilometer stretch of premium white sand can be accessed via a short 15 minute boat ride from Capiñahan Wharf in the South Bais Bay, Bais City Negros Oriental. It is basically an island towards the North Bais Bay in the Tañon Strait that emerges only during low tides. On the island you can find native wooden houses built on stilts – and which, during high tide, appears to be floating on the water. These cottages could be rented for overnight stays and can be booked at the Bais City Tourism Office

Mount Talinis (Cuernos de Negros)

Negros Volcanic Belt

Mount Talinis, also known as the Cuernos de Negros (Horns of Negros), is a complex volcano in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental. At about 1,903 metres (6,243 ft) above sea level, it is the second highest mountain on Negros Island after Mount Kanlaon. The volcano is located 9 km (5.6 mi) southwest of the municipality of Valencia; and 20 km (12 mi) from Dumaguete City, the capital of the province.





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