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Aspire Learn English Institute started with a dream – an urge to help fellow countrymen and a passion for learning. It was in 2015 that the idea was born to create an English school. Philippines became its target as it is well known that Filipinos speak English as their second language. Nowadays, the English language plays a significant role especially for those non-native speakers of the language. It is considered as an international language. Because of this, Aspire was built to help those young and adult learners who seek to learn the English language in the best and easiest way. It also seeks to help the 21st Century learners to become globally competitive in using the English Language.


  • To offer the highest and best quality of education in teaching English as a Second Language.
  • To teach students according to their own version of learning.
  • To respond and cater the needs of the students.
  • To help the students reach their target.


  • The school visualizes to produce globally competitive individuals in using the international language.
  • To lead the students to achieve progress in their communicative and linguistic competence.
  • To provide an environment that is conducive to learning and that there is respect to each diverse learner


  • Retrieve people’s hardships by the school’s administration.
  • Worship God and love people’s altruism.


  • We will have responsibilities for your tasks and jobs.
  • We will apologize for any bad behavior to other people including offenses, rumors and criticisms.
  • We will positively greet everyone.
  • We will respect everyone no matter who they are.
  • We will communicate with each other.
  • We will work as hard as possible.

School's Partnership

Aspire is an accredited school under Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). It aims to be a quality ESL school that caters to students who want to learn English. It strives to compete with other schools in a healthy competition. And it focuses on giving back to the community by providing jobs and also showcasing the island’s beauty. The official accredited school of the Ministry of Education of the Philippines (TESDA) is an abbreviation for Technical Education and Skills Development authority (Philippine Labor Employment Technical Education Skill Education Agency), and in order for schools to be accredited by TESDA, curriculum · instructor teaching skills · school It is necessary to meet the level in legal documents, management, fiscal, tax, safety, etc. concerning establishment. In the Philippines schools as well, it is said that it is about 10% registered in TESDA, and the acquisition schools are evaluated for high confidence.

Aspiring to become a pilot have you thought you might like to experience becoming a pilot while studying English? This course is perfect for you. “Fly into the world of ASPIRE!” in collaboration with a renowned aviation school in Dumaguete City, this program is perfectly designed to provide personalized approach to optimize learning, high quality training, and real-life aviation experience. we are aiming to educate students with friendly and experienced professional instructors who are committed to safety and quality. the students will learn through classroom discussion, lectures with professionals, then will experience aerial tour or sight seeing. And upon completion, students will have an unforgettable experience, because in the world of aviation, there is no such thing as a natural-born pilot.

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Purol Kalubihan Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental 6200
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (Closed Holiday: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (Philippines))
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熟語 take to
類義語 like
意味 が好きになる、に熱中する

ex, Michael took to each other.

動詞 circulate
意味 〈血液・液体・気体が〉 «…を» 循環する
ex,Air clearer can circulate clean air in this room.

熟語 set in
ex,it seems that the winter season has set it.