Q. How much is the living expenses required?

The living expenses in the Philippines is very affordable. For example, the bottled water (500 ml) costs 15 pesos. If you eat in a local restaurant, it costs 80 to 150 pesos and for high class restaurant, it costs 200 to 400 pesos. Massage for 1-hour costs 150 to 300 pesos, watching movies cost 210 pesos and the minimum fare for tricycle is 8 pesos.

Q. Is there anything to consider when entering the Philippines?

A: Passport residual validity period is required more than 6 months + staying days or more. You also need a round trip ticket or an air ticket to leave the country. Age below 15 is not allowed to enter the Philippines unless there is a permission from the guardian. If parent and child also have different family names, you need documents that parent-child relationship can prove. If you are accompanied by a parent other than your parents you need a visa.

Q. Should I join the overseas travel insurance?

A: We advise you to participate by all means in case of injury or theft. If credit card has accompanying insurance for traveling overseas, it can be covered.

Q. Is there a medical facility that you can trust nearby?

A: Dumaguete has a prestigious private Silliman University hospital in the Philippines. The facilities are complete.

Q. Are there some useful things to bring?

A: Electronic dictionary, reference books, swimwear, medicine, insect repellent spray (for room, for skin and for mosquitoes), etc.

Q. Do I have to give a tip?

A: Basically it is not necessary in the Philippines.

Q. Is there a curfew?

A: There is no particular limitation of time

Q. Is there a particular day of enrollment?

A: The school entry day is basically Monday. Adjustment of the entrance day is also available only when the student’s circumstances are not convenient. Also, if there is vacancy, you can enter the accommodation on Saturday and Sunday.

Q. Is it possible to pay the school expenses by card?

A: Please note that we only accept cash (Philippine Peso).

Q. Do I need to have a transformer/conversion plug when I bring any appliances?

A: If you bring any appliances basically yes. But if your country’s regulation of the electricity is the same with Philippines, it’s fine. (If the product is compatible with voltage (220 V), you can use the outlet in the dormitory, so you do not need a conversion plug). The school uses only Type A socket. This type of socket is mainly used in North and Central America, China, and Japan. It only works with Plug A.

Q. What are the types of clothes that I need to bring?

A: I think that it is safe if you have summer clothing (T-shirt, short-sleeved shirt, shorts, underwear, socks etc.), several thin long sleeves, and long pants.

Q. What should I bring to the school?

A: Passport, travel tickets, cash, change of clothes, bath towels, footwear, toothpaste, toothbrush, writing utensils, sunscreen, alarm clock, passport copy (for emergency) etc.





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